Our design process seeks to bridge the gap between material properties, contextual parameters, and digital techniques.

We believe Art can bring people, space and nature on to the same frequency; it can unite audiences with experiences that inspire a reconnection to our planet.

We believe in material explorations and morphology study.

When working with facades we make sure that we play with the material ourselves and understand its capacity to the fullest before its application in projects.

Interior design has always been a holistic process for us, we dwell deep into the 3D design and let the space convey a story.

Handcrafting unique spaces based on the individual needs is the credo of the studio.

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office interiors


furniture design


furniture design

Creating a SURPRISE element in ones daily life and routine has been an exciting part to explore in the studio. We love making interactive installations in crowded cities, we really believe that these installations add a sense of wonder and surprise in ones daily routine.


residential high rise

Sugee developers

office interiors

Designing products and furniture has been an underlying passion for the longest of times. Product design allows us to explore finer details and material capabilities further. We always custom design furniture pieces in our projects and do so on a commissioning basis as well.

parametric seat

furniture design

metro design

urban infrastructure

Sales lounge

hospitality interiors