Vortex West, Bandra


Status: Completed – Nov, 2017

Design Team: Khushbu Davda, Seeja Sudhakaran, Darshana Punjani, Priyanka Itadkar.

Execution : Studio back in black


Vortex West is a one of a kind night club in located in the heart of Mumbai, off linking road in Bandra. It sprawls across 2000 sq.ft space and boasts of a large dance floor and Bar.

The  space is designed to take you to a Vortex into the future. It offers a sensitive experience to the guests, who are invited to play with the light of the landscape composed of lines and curves to meet a vibrant virtual material, ephemeral, interactive music and dance.

The portals are designed  a series of digital programming for the portals, creating interactive experiences for the guests. Each portal is digitally fabricated and assembled on site to match the computer simulations.