TISE, Maharashtra

Status: On Going

Design Team: Khushbu Davda, Seeja Sudhakaran


Located in the Khed Tehsil of Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra, India, TISE is a quaint village surrounded by lush green mountains making it a perfect location for second homes for residents of Mumbai and Pune. The weather and the heavily contoured site couple up for unmatched views and comfort of owning luxurious amenities having a natural backdrop. This project allowed us to visualize various personalized plots of land for building integrated houses at various points in a 30 acre site.

This project is an integrated network of rain water lagoons, wetlands and water canals along with the parks, mango plantations and rice terraces to preserve and recreate an ecological habitat for the variety of flowering plants, trees. This new ecological weave will also connect the parcels linking them to allow the inhabitants to enjoy variety of walks and bicycle rides through different sets of landscapes.