Rajadnye’s Residence, Shivaji Park, Mumbai

This light filled duplex apartment is located in the heritage heart of Mumbai, Shivaji park. The interiors for the living room is in art deco modern style using elements of classic architecture along with warm finishes and textures to create a theatrical yet subtle living room.

The space is built to accommodate the tastes and sensibilities of the family of 6 living here; a young couple, their parents and their toddler kids. The living room is a huge flexible open space It has a formal seating space with chesterfield sofas and a chaise lounge for entertaining the guests, an informal nook with a parametric seat in marble finish, a swing to create a cozy and comfortable living space. The carpets tie the two spaces of the living room together. The entrance foyer is created with a jaali to disconnect the space visually from the main living area. The partition itself interweaves into the wooden spiral staircase.

The Dining area is a warm space with chevron wooden panelling to create hidden doors for the powder and the kitchen. The large wooden table is a family favourite for late night conversations. The wall behind also tells a story of their Turkish travels. All the art pieces in the living room too are personalised for the family, the painting has a hidden trifecta for their 3 children; the intricately carved brass tree is made by an artisan from Bhopal. It represents the home and the birds are the children coming back home after a long day. A delicate chandelier from Mooi is an art piece in itself.

Puja space is nestled within the spacious kitchen space. The Jaiselmer stone used in the kitchen floor shimmers in the Indian sun at dawn in the east facing kitchen. The portugese hand-painted tiles and the dark blue granite contrasts with the deep yellow and white accents to create an Indian modern kitchen to suit the tastes of all the chefs in the house.

The bedroom for the teen bedroom has soft grey and monochromatic tones with a pop of orange colour. The design is minimal contemporary with space to add on to and personalise his own space.

The beautiful spiral staircase leads to the family room. It is stark contrast to the rich living room below. It is rustic, cosy and an amalgamation of all activities that the family does together. The huge wall painting is made by Madhubani artists. The rafters, the jaiselmer flooring, the colourful seating, create a warm setting for a fun family evening of chess.

The family room leads to 4 bedrooms, parents, master, kids and Maid’s. The kids’ room is a fun version of Bahaus minimal design.

The kid’s room is designed to be the most playful, imagination evoking space there is in the house. Inspired by Piet Mondrian’s art, lines and color blocks of primary colours are tossed into the room. The innocent, yet mischievous nature of this room is further enhanced through the customised mezzanine play zone with abacus railing. The bathroom is also a color pop of mosaic with bright yellow flooring. The double basin with drawer stools adds to the fun for the toddlers each morning.

The master bedroom is a minimal yet very functional space. Open storage doubles up as an art and souvenir collection piece for the couple. The view from the bed is the focus for the design. The open walk in wardrobe with mirror shutters adds to the length of the room. A touch of class added to the bathrooms too, with elegant and thoughtful use of marble and the perfect lighting, giving the space its own identity that relates to the rest of the interiors of the house. The master bath is particularly interesting with Iceberg monochromatic marble used. The block of textures with natural light filtering through the large windows adds to the charm of the shower area. The parent’s bedroom is a glamorous warm space. The mirror finish parametric patterned wardrobe adds to the depth of the room. The bronze tint on the mirror adds to the sepia charm to the mustard yellow bedroom.

The bathroom is rather glamorous with Italian marble and brass details. Combining fetching forms and bounteous function, it provides contemporary style rendered in warm tones.