Railway Station, Bamandongri

The design is a proposal for a train station in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The site being approximately 20 acres and having very few built structure around received very harsh sunlight throughout the day. The primary concept was to use porosity of the structure to define spaces and maximize solar energy gain. Use of algorithmic design for fa├žade development right from the conceptual stage helped streamline the basic themes right into the design and planning of the station.

Vantage points were also taken into consideration during design. A highway passed from the front of the site which connects two major towns. This helped in zeroing in the required vantage points for maximizing the visibility of the project and thus the station itself. Being a public space which is to be used on a daily basis, it was important for us to not only make it as user friendly as possible but also a landmark which could help put this upcoming city in the map.