Nerolac Breathing Cities – Revitalization Of Girgaum Chowpatty Beach

In a competition organised by WorldBuild India and sponsored by Nerolac Paints, entrants were asked to come up with design ideas for public spaces expressed through the colours of their city at a site of their choice. Our entry was awarded the third place, an urban intervention chosen to be placed at south Mumbai’s Girgaum Chowpatty beach but easily applicable to any part of the entire city. The sculptural design was created by applying an algorithm to the relevant parameters of uses of the space and movements in and around it.

We started out by identifying the site as a popular outdoor destination for Mumbaikars of all generations and tracing the colours from everyday visuals of the city like the BEST buses, taxis and autos, the shops and billboards, the festivals celebrated with gusto by crowds. Next, the important nodes were identified as entry points from the streets feeding the site, the fixed and moving hawkers and other activities which, when connected by lines of movement along the least distances, generated a map. Superimposing this map with the one generated by nodes and movements at the city level and applying the formulated algorithm gave rise to the form of their structure. This sculptural, sinuous, organic and minimal structure drenched in Mumbai’s colours accommodates the city’s outdoor activities like strolling, sitting, lounging, reading, hawking, playing and many more.

The algorithm has to simply be fed with data about local parameters relevant to the site and applied to generate a site specific structure. Laser cut parts of MDF, ply board, cement board or any other suitable material can be created by digital fabrication technology and the structure is easily installed on site within a span of 5 to 8 hours!