MMRDA Andheri Metro Design for Line7

Status: Winning Entry

Design Team: Khushbu Davda, Seeja Sudhakaran, Abhijit Patade, Priyanka Itadkar, Sajan Mehta

Andheri Station is the already considered the HUB for transportation due to the several linkages it provides and its strategic position. Adding this metro station will only add to the amount of footfall. Since the metro is an elevated system it is imperative to have designs that  merge into the city fabric. These massive structures need to be treated as positive interventions. The station design is derived from a Typical Indian Jali pattern wherein the jali’s can provide light and ventilation and also add to the artistic element of the overpowering structure. To enhance the design further we have added a pattern which changes the opening sizes of these apertures based on the placement of the same.  For example, the platform level has ample openings to help ventilate the non-air-conditioned space where as the roof will have lesser openings which will enable light but also prohibit excess heat in our tropical climate.

The typical portals can be kept exactly the same and the sides can be extended to complete the tube, giving the external facade a sleek and contemporary look. The apertures which create the pattern can be either kept open or clad with transparent polycarbonate sheet to enable the station to be well lit. The roof panels have been given openings polycarbonate sheet so as to ensure the station is naturally lit. The flooring pattern also resonates with the Jali pattern to allow synergy and continuity in design.